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5 Performance benefits of Creatine

5 Performance benefits of Creatine

If you are looking to live a healthy lifestyle free from excessive junk food and chemicals that will harm your body, you’ve probably started an exercising routine as well. Although a healthy diet is the first step towards improving your health, a good workout regime usually follows. Most people will try bodybuilding or intense gym sessions to try and get a better body shape. However, you may still need supplements to help energize you during these sessions as well as improving your performance. In such cases, it is better to natural supplements such as Creatine, which will help improve your performance considerably.

While most people would try and stay clear of performance enhancing drugs and such supplements, Creatine is a completely natural supplement that your body derives from protein rich food sources such as meat and fish. It causes no harm to the body and you can actually use it to improve your performance in the gym. Besides, Creatine is one of the most thoroughly researched supplements, which makes it safe for human consumption. Here are the top 5 performance benefits of Creatine:

  1. Increases energy levels- If you are doing intense workouts in the gym, your muscles will need a reliable supply of energy to help them work effectively. Creatine helps increase the energy levels in the muscle and is usually the primary source of stored energy for muscle fibers. When you eat meat, fish or Creatine supplements, your body stores this as an extra energy reserve, which will help you perform better in the gym. More energy means more stamina, which is great for helping you push through the tough sessions.
  2. Increases stamina- Creatine has been shown to have a positive effect on your stamina, especially if you are doing workouts at a high intensity. It is a great source of energy for the fast twitch muscles and you will notice an increase in speed and power. This is suitable if you are doing high intensity workouts that require power and speed in short bursts. Creatine will also help you sustain speed for longer, which makes it a popular supplement for sprinters.
  3. Improves muscle growth- If you are taking Creatine to improve performance in the gym, you will certainly be amazed to see the effects it has on increasing muscle size. This is perfect for bodybuilders and other athletes involved in sports that require bigger muscles. Although you may have to take it on a consistent basis to see results, it usually starts having effects after a few weeks.
  4. Reduced fatigue- Anyone who has completed a tough session at the gym will understand the feeling of fatigue that kicks in afterwards. You can use Creatine effectively to reduce fatigue and tiredness, which will help you recover much faster. This will help you perform better near the end of your workouts as well.
  5. Improves brain function- Having a sharp mind is an important part of success at the gym and taking regular Creatine supplements can help you think faster and clear up your mind.