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Creatine: what does it do to your body?

Creatine: what does it do to your body?

Creatine is considered to be the most effective supplement for improving performance in the gym. It increases muscle strength, muscle mass and enhance overall exercise performance. It has been widely used by athletes and gym going individuals. It is naturally found in muscle cell in the form of energy that emits during weight lifting and intensive exercise. Creatine is one of the most popular supplements to gain muscle mass, increase strength and built stamina for extensive exercises. It is also produced by the human body and 95% is stored in muscles and 5% is found in brain, kidney and liver.

How Creatine works?

Creatine helps muscle cells to store water and make them look bigger. It helps gain weight of 1-5-3.5 pounds in the first week of its utilization. Continuous intake practice of three months of creatine supplement can help gaining 6.5 pounds on lean mass. Both protein and creatine increase muscle mass. Red meat and fish can also be a source of creatine. Creatine increase muscle strength, increase stamina and recover muscles fast and also reduce the hassle of preparing protein enriched foods. Creatine supplement improves strength, helps gain lean muscle mass and even heal muscle during exercise. A Person/ Athlete can enhance his strength and gain muscle mass quickly in contrast to those who are not consuming creatine.


  1. Creatine supplement helps produce more energy and strengthen muscle during intense exercises.
  2. Creatine fuel several key biological processes that help in increasing muscle growth and size. Moreover it recovers cellular paths to new muscles growth.
  3. Built stamina and improves high intensity exercise performance.
  4. Quick muscle recovery.
  5. Provides strength to muscles and its functions that helps user avoid Parkinson disease.
  6. Reduce the symptom of neurological diseases.
  7. It can be helpful in case of diabetes as it tends to decrease blood sugar levels.
  8. Breaking bad habits to improve health.
  9. Improve memory and intelligence in people with low creatine by aiding brain with additional energy.
  10. Reduce fatigue and tiredness and improve problems related to lack of sleep.
  11. It has no side effects.
  12. Reduce mood swings.
  13. Does not cause high blood pressure, neither does it affect the heart, kidney and liver unless you have previous history of issues regarding these organs.
  14. Creatine improves body fat percentage.


It is safe to take average creatine every day. You can take it immediately before exercise to boost your energy in the gym or you can take it right after the exercise to regain energy. It can be consumed with normal food on off-gym days. At first start with four to five grams a week and after a week take three to five grams to retain creatine storage. Creatine will not make you fat it due to its characteristic of having a very few calories count.


Drink more water and do not exercise in the heat as it may cause dehydration because Creatine has the tendency to hold water to increase muscle mass.

Use creatine you are 18 and above. It is not recommended for age group below 18 and minors.