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GH deficient children and MK-677

GH deficient children and MK-677

GH (growth hormone) deficiency is a common disease found in children. This disease causes the pituitary glands to decrease the formation of enough growth hormones. Growth hormones play a crucial role in human body as it results in the growth of bone and tissues. It disease can occur at any stage of life, at any age. However, GH deficiency does affect intelligence level. Growth hormone deficiency is mainly due to damage to pituitary glands or a gland known as hypothalamus. This damage can occur after and even before birth. Pituitary gland is a pea shaped gland present at the base of brain and known as master endocrine gland of human body. It releases eight different kinds of glands that control growth, metabolism, blood pressure and other essential processes. Growth hormone deficiency is a part of genetic syndrome and its root cause is still not known. Children are mostly prone to this disease caused by mainly brain tumour, brain injury or radiation treatment. Growth hormone deficiency disorder damages health of child without harmfully impacting brain.

The symptoms of growth hormone deficiency in children:

The most common symptom of GH deficiency is slow growth rate particularly after 3rd birthday of child. Other common symptoms are:

  • If the face of child is more younger looking
  • Impaired hair growth is a common symptom
  • A chubby body of child
  • Delayed puberty is also a major symptom.

This symptoms and effects of growth hormone deficiency is only related to health and it affects the health of child without impacting their intelligence.

Diagnoses of growth hormone deficiency disorder:

In order to diagnose the growth hormone deficiency in children, a medical professional needs to check for other conditions as well.

  • He has to check normal variation of growth i.e. familial short stature
  • He should also examine thyroid hormone deficiency or any possible kidney disease.
  • Genetic condition also needs to be checked.

A healthcare provider will also inquire about health history of child and about health history of his family. He will also prefer medical check-up. Growth hormone deficiency may take several months to discover and suggest for various tests blood test, X-ray, CT scan and MRI etc.

Possible consequence of growth hormone deficiency:

  • If growth hormone deficiency disease remains untreated your child may not reach his normal adult height. Children who are shorter in height may get prone to lower self-esteem, confidence and are at the risk of developing stress, anxiety or depression.

How growth hormone deficiency disorder can be treated?

MK-677is found to be the most effective medicine to cure growth hormone deficiency so far. Mk-677 promotes the secretion of growth hormone by regulating the production of Growth Hormone Secretagogue (GHS), a compound that elevate the growth hormones level in children. It mimics the huger hormone’s action known as Ghrelin which is associated with circadian rhythm. It regulates the secretion of natural growth hormone from pituitary gland by 40 percent thereby helps in curing this disorder in children. In short it reactivates pituitary gland and hypothalamus to increase the secretion of growth hormones.