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Glutamine - The Power Generator Safeguarding Your Muscles

Glutamine - The Power Generator Safeguarding Your Muscles

One of the essential components of muscle protein Glutamine comprises more than 60% of the amino acid present in the muscles. It stimulates muscle protein synthesis with its high Nitrogen content. Though the body produces Glutamine to provide the energy required for muscle protein synthesis under normal circumstances and can be supplied through dietary intake, the body might take almost six days to recover the Glutamine lost in a day's extensive resistance training. Thus, it becomes necessary to pick the best bodybuilding supplements rich in Glutamine as a pre and post-workout diet.

Benefits of Glutamine

Glutamine generates strength and stamina, produces the energy required for protein synthesis, in turn, helping in lipolysis, the process of breaking down of fat molecules. It protects the muscles from oxidation or burning out while recovering after a rigorous training session, by forming a blocking protein that arrests muscle catabolism, which significantly reduces muscle strength and breaks muscles, helping in recovery without muscle break.

Glutamine, in addition to protein synthesis, helps to strengthen the immune system and prevents illness. The Glutamine levels deplete during workouts as the body utilizes the Glutamine formed in the body to produce the energy required for muscle protein synthesis, this makes the body susceptible to illness as low levels of Glutamine weakens the immune system. Thus, the intake of pre, as well as post-workout Glutamine supplement, becomes essential to maintain the body's immune system.

The benefits of Glutamine supplements are invaluable to bodybuilding. The body requires Glutamine for the synthesis of protein and in the absence of it, burns muscles. A person into extensive workout requires a substantial amount of Glutamine, throughout the day to build, retain, and rebuild the muscles. The levels of Glutamine in the body are directly proportional to the immunity levels of the body. Thus, it is the essential amino acid to build and maintain your muscles and fitness.