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How can Glutamine help in rebuilding muscle tissue?

How can Glutamine help in rebuilding muscle tissue?

Glutamine is from the family of amino acids that are needed by the various muscles and organs of the body for building and rebuilding. It is considered a non-essential amino acid because the body is capable of producing ample of it on its own, without the need for supplements. However, under circumstances where your body is depleted of the glutamine production or you are working out at a much higher rate than your body produces it, taking it additionally from food and supplements prove to be very beneficial.

The human body is made of a combination of smooth and skeletal muscles, the former being the organs that are controlled by the body naturally like the lungs and heart, while the skeletal muscles are the ones you control like the biceps, chest or back. Over 60% of every muscle is made up of amino acid and that alone can explain the necessity of it in a human body.

Glutamine helps in carrying the nitrogen to the muscles where the reparation is needed the most and boosts the recovery process. It does so by helping the body store up Glycogen, Glycogen is the body’s store for carbs in the muscles, an average person can store up to 2000 calories’ worth of glycogen in the muscles. By helping the body reach the threshold much faster than it normally would, glutamine makes the body much agile and responsive to action and load than it would be otherwise. Carrying these stores of energy to the muscles and the liver is how the glutamine helps in rebuilding the muscle tissues.

Other than that, glutamine has a significant impact on the production of growth hormones in the body that helps the body burn fat for energy, a higher level of growth hormone in the body further strengthens the reparation of muscles in the body. The benefits of healthy levels of glutamine in the body affect all muscles equally, the smooth muscles or the organs if suffering from weaknesses can be healed perfectly as well. Health issues in the intestines causing a digestive problem, or for the recovery after a major operation can all be silver-lined by consuming a healthy dose of glutamine through food or supplements.

A study in 2015 on 16 subjects has proven the rate of recovery and reparation of muscles to be much faster when supplemented with additional glutamine. This translates to having less need for rest between and after the workouts, and also the ability for the muscles to take on more stress the following day. The body uses up the glutamine stores in the muscles whenever under stress and can empty them during high-intensity training making it difficult to recover muscles. This is perhaps the reason why it is best recommended to have an additional intake of glutamine whenever working out continuously for long durations or doing high-intensity exercises as running a marathon, the more glutamine your body will have, the faster it will recover and the more energy it will have available.