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How do you choose the best Essential Amino Acid Supplement?

How do you choose the best Essential Amino Acid Supplement?

If you are looking for the best supplements for recovery and muscle growth, you've probably tried out many different protein supplements to see which one is suitable for you. However, most proteins take time to break down and may delay your recovery time. Because complex proteins can take time to be broken down in the body, you won’t be able to get the maximum benefit from complex protein supplements. A better choice would be to look at different amino acid supplements as they digest much faster, allowing you to take maximum benefit from these supplements.

Amino acids form the basic building block of many proteins, and they may help build muscle mass much faster than protein supplement. They are also great for recovery and are perfect for helping the body heal after strenuous physical activity. Amino acids also play an essential role in the digestive system as well as the body’s immune system. Having the right balance of amino acids in your body could save you from many illnesses. Amino acids are also crucial for hair growth, proper brain functioning and regulation of the hormone levels in the body.

EAA- The best amino acid

Essential amino acids are those that cannot be produced by the body and need to be obtained from various other sources. There are about 20 different essential amino acids and each one has a unique functioning in the body’s system. If you are looking for the best amino acid supplement, it should ideally contain a few of these amino acids. Most amino acid supplements will contain EAAs, mainly because the body cannot create them naturally. While other forms of amino acids can be used beneficially, having enough EAAs in your diet should be your main priority when looking for the best supplement.

Uses of EAAs

  • Improve performance: Many EAAs are used as a natural supplement that allows your body to synthesize protein much faster. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of protein and can help increase your lean muscle mass significantly. Most people use EAAs for this purpose. It also helps increase your athletic abilities and you'll notice a positive effect on your speed, stamina and power. This will help you achieve your goals in the gym much faster.
  • Helps with weight loss: While there is mixed research on how effective EAAs are when it comes to weight loss, there is ample evidence that shows that these amino acids are great when it comes to burning excess fat. If you are on a weight loss program, then you should consider taking a supplement with essential amino acids.
  • Helps with recovery: If you've injured yourself or torn a muscle tissue, then you can benefit from EAAs as they can help you heal much faster. Because EAAs play an important role in building new muscle, they are useful in repairing damaged tissues as well.

The bottom line

The best amino acid supplement will ideally contain a few of the main essential amino acids. You should use these supplements according to the guidelines for maximum results.