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The Essential Vitamin in Bodybuilding

The Essential Vitamin in Bodybuilding

One might believe that protein is the sole dietary requirement of the body to build muscle strength and size. This is a false belief as apart from proteins, the body requires other ingredients like carbs, fats, minerals, and vitamins to be present in the daily diet. The body burns a considerable amount of calories throughout the day. This metabolism, if optimized with the right dietary ingredients, can be the most effective way to burn body fats and gain body shape. While staying away from the Carbs and Fats, one might be deficient in Vitamins, the essential component of any diet, producing energy, repairing tissues, maintaining the vital parts of the blood, and increasing immunity. Though all Vitamins are necessary for the body, B- vitamins are crucial to bodybuilding. All forms of B Vitamins convert Carbohydrates to Glucose producing energy; however, Vitamin B3 is the only Vitamin that can improve the lipids and cholesterol levels in the body, making it an essential vitamin.

Why is Vitamin B3 so special?

Vitamin B3 is also known as Niacin and is commonly found in most protein-rich foods. It helps in altering the Cholesterol complex in the body, as it can increase the HDL Cholesterol level and decrease the LDL Cholesterol levels in the body. With a large amount of Protein intake and rigorous training sessions, it becomes imperative to maintain a low cholesterol level. Thus, the consumption of Niacin as a supplement can be considered a healthy option. The ones looking to gain competitive advantage can use an excess of Niacin to increase the vascularity of the nerves and production of growth hormones., through the process of Niacin Flush. This essential Vitamin is also helpful in improving liver function and digestion.

With all the benefits of vitamins, a B3 supplement is a must in the regular diet chart of any severe bodybuilder.