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TheEssential Amino Acids - Building Strong Muscles

TheEssential Amino Acids - Building Strong Muscles

The building blocks of protein; Amino Acids are the second-largest component of muscles and tissues. They are responsible for muscle structure, nervous system coordination, the functioning of the vital organs, and hormone production. Out of the 700 Amino acids discovered to date, twenty of them, along with peptides, are considered the building blocks of all living beings on Earth.

While eleven out of them are produced in our body, the remaining nine supplied through dietary intake, and these are the essential and semi-essential Amino Acids.

The hydrolysis of Protein produces Amino Acids in the body. These organic compounds with Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen having variable side chain groups are vital for body growth and health. The protein synthesis in the body stops in case the body is deficient in Amino Acids. Based on the requirement, there are twenty Amino Acids classified for the proper functioning of the body and the mode of availability in the body as.

Types of Amino Acids

● Non-essential: These Amino acids are produced in the body during protein synthesis.

● Essential: Amino acids cannot be provided in the body but supplied through dietary intake.

● Semi Essential: The Amino Acid that is not required under normal circumstances for the proper functioning of the body.

Though each of the Amino Acids helps the body to function correctly, the essential Amino Acids are the most vital for the growth and development of the muscle tissues. These Amino Acids are available in most foods rich in Protein. However, if one is serious about gaining those bulky muscles or getting into shape, bodybuilding protein or amino energy bodybuilding products ensure that the body is supplied with ample measure of Amino acids required for the muscles to grow and develop or to burn those extra calories without burning the muscles. Here is the list of the essential Amino Acids and how they are building muscles.

Examples of essential amino acids

METHIONINE: The amino acid that builds new proteins in the body after synthesis of the old Proteins. Thus, genuinely building muscles.

TRYPTOPHAN: Responsible for building Protein and for the proper functioning of vital organs, it helps in increasing focus and induced sleep.

LEUCINE: The Amino acid that 'switches ON' the protein synthesis in the body. It is initiating the muscle-building process. It builds muscles and takes care of the skin.

ISOLEUCINE: Controls the use of Glucose during physical activities. It produces energy and burns fats.

.VALINE: Regulates the Nitrogen balance in the boat and saves Glucose. Ensuring that the Protein in the body is preserved to recover from workouts and develop muscles

Lysine: The Amino acid helps in the production of hormones and enzymes that increase body immunity.

Phenylalanine: Stimulates the nervous system, increases focus, elevates mood, and athleticism. It also enhances lipolysis- fat burning by stimulating catecholamine.

Histidine: Maintains the pH levels in the body, helps to increase the hemoglobin count, and enhances the functionality of neurotransmitters. It also is vital for proper kidney function.

Threonine: The amino acid builds muscle tissues, improves the muscle shape, and gain muscle mass. It is vital for the functioning of the immune system, heart, and the central nervous system. It also helps in fat burning.

Thus, the body needs ample amounts of essential Amino Acids to build muscles and gain shape. To ensure that your diet provides the right amount and quality of the essential Amino Acids,

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