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Things You Should Know Before Using Glutamine

Things You Should Know Before Using Glutamine

Glutamine is used as a building block for the proteins, more appropriately, it is an amino acid that is naturally found in the human body. For dealing with improved nutrition, cell diseases or chemotherapies, it is advised to consume it through the mouth. As far as the availability of Glutamine is concerned, you will find it commercially available either in powdered form or in capsules.

Glutamine is really helpful for people dealing with severe diseases, especially those whose treatment takes away a lot of Glutamine from the body. In this case, the supplement Glutamine can help to overcome the damage. Before deciding to use these supplements, there are few things that you must be aware of:

Intake by mouth:

Taking glutamine is perfectly safe especially when you decide to take it through mouth. However, you may suffer from some side effects, like stomach pain, heartburn or even dizziness. So, it is better to consult a doctor who knows your personal health conditions.

Not appropriate during pregnancy:

Doctors suggest avoiding taking glutamine during pregnancy. It is not recommended as it is needed during pregnancy, also because of the side effects that Glutamine has.

Not suitable after bone marrow:

Taking glutamine can be dangerous for people who are receiving their bone marrow transplant. Actually, the intake of Glutamine can increase the probability of mouth ulcers in such patients. Therefore, in the immediate need, the solution could be swishing glutamine and then swallowing back for such patients.

Mania - a mental disorder:

Mania is a mental disorder, and if glutamine is given to such a person who is suffering with this mental illness, it can cause some adverse reactions.

Recommended for everyone:

If you are not suffering from any health complications listed above, then you can safely use Glutamine supplements to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. However, you should avoid the combination of Glutamine with lactulose. Lactulose is helpful in the reduction of ammonia in body, while glutamine is converted into ammonia in body. Hence taking these two combinations at the same time will reduce the effectiveness of lactulose.

Effective for burns:

Likely for a number of diseases, glutamine is really effective for people suffering from the infections of severe burns, especially when they are given with the feeding tube. It can really help people to reduce the risk of severe infections.

Glutamine has been proven to be beneficial for people who have lost the natural way of defense against diseases. For instance, it is highly preferable supplement for cancer patients after chemotherapies or hospital-acquired infections. Before taking these supplements, it is important to know your health conditions and discussed with your doctor, because it is not suitable for every patient.