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What is the working mechanism of BCAA in the human body?

What is the working mechanism of BCAA in the human body?

BCAA or branched chained amino acids are a group of essential amino acids that cannot be produced by our body naturally. The only way to get these amino acids is through a healthy and balanced diet.

Basically, BCAA is a group of three essential amino acids out of 9 - including valine, leucine, and isoleucine. The name is given based on the structure of these amino acids. BCAAs are found in all protein-rich food products such as eggs, meat etc. However, supplements are also available. All three branched chained amino acids have health benefits for the human body.

No-Risk Of Muscle Breakdown/Wasting

The proteins in the muscles undergo constant breakdown and synthesis. The balance between the two processes determines the actual amount of proteins present in the muscle. However, under certain circumstances, such as intensive workout disturbs the balance between protein breakdown and synthesis.

When the protein breakdown exceeds the synthesis, muscle breakdown/wasting happens - that indicates malnutrition. But with regular intake of BCAA can prevent muscle breakdown/wasting as these amino acids constitute the 40% of the total amino acids required for our body.

Anti-Fatigue Properties

BCAAs are also known to reduce or prevent exercise-induced fatigue. The intake of BCAA supplements allows your body to endure intensive workout even for longer hours without exhaustion or feeling tired. Evidence from two different studies has shown that BCAA improves the brain focus during exercise. The intake of BCAA supplements reduces the levels of tryptophan that converts into serotonin - a brain chemical known to induce fatigue and exhaustion during exercise.

Promotes Muscle Growth

Branched-chain amino acids are very effective for increasing muscle growth. The amino acid leucine is responsible for creating a pathway that promotes protein synthesis in the muscles. Once the levels of protein synthesis increases, it causes muscle growth. Although BCAA intake is effective for muscle growth, the body needs all the nine essential amino acids to show desired results. People who consume all 9 essential amino acids show 50% more muscle growth than the ones taking only BCAA supplements.

Reduce Muscle Soreness

Some studies show that BCAA improves exercise performance by reducing post-workout muscle soreness. The muscle soreness is caused by damaged muscle or muscle tear. When the proteins in the muscle breakdowns during exercise it causes muscle damage/tearing. However, the increased level of branched-chain amino acids in the blood and muscle minimize the muscle damage. Hence reducing the muscle soreness after intensive exercise - allowing a better exercise experience.

Other Health Benefits

Branched-chain amino acids are also known for their positive effects on the immune system. These essential nutrition compounds boost and fortify the human immune system to combat various health diseases. BCAA are also effective in the prevention and treatment of liver problems. Furthermore, regular intake of these amino acids along with other six essential amino acids improves the aerobic & anaerobic performance and protects the lean muscles as well.

It means that BCAA should be a part of our regular diet to improve the overall health of the body!