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Whey Protein Isolate VS Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey Protein Isolate VS Whey Protein Concentrate

The importance of diet and necessary protein intake for the formation of muscles is well understood by every fitness enthusiast that either hits the pavement for long runs every day or gets behind the bar every day pushing against a tremendous amount of weight. Your body uses up energy and tears the weak fibers of muscles when pushing your muscles to the limit, it only makes sense for them to need the right amount in protein, rest, and energy to rebuild and form stronger layers. Although the natural way of taking in protein through a balanced diet seems to be the best possible thing, it certainly isn’t! Firstly, you will be taking in a load of additional nutrients as the protein makes up a fraction of the food you consume like dairy, fish, and meat, and secondly, it just isn’t practical and achievable for one to prepare such high-calorie meals multiple times of the day to reach the threshold. Whey protein proves to be the ideal supplement to overcome this worry for bodybuilders by providing moreover 80% of easily digestible proteins that can be consumed with nearly anything you eat. But as the popularity and preference of consuming Whey protein grow, another question of one type being the better one over the other also does.

Whey protein has several types it comes in today, the most popular ones out which are the whey protein isolate and the whey protein concentrate. But before we can get into the debate that has been haunting fitness enthusiasts for years, it is imperative to learn about the difference between both. Whey protein isolate and concentrate both come from the same source, which is milk. Whey is the watery formation that is given out by milk when processed for the making of cheese or yogurt, it is the most digestible form of protein and contains all the essential amino acids that encourage the growth of muscles in the body. The only difference that is there between the two is the percentage of protein and other nutrients such as fats, lactose, and sugars present in either one of them. The whey protein concentrate is 80% protein and the remaining 20% are fats, lactose, sugars, and flavor additives, while the whey protein isolate is a more refined form of the later which skimmed from the additional compounds to give about 90% protein and 10% flavor additives with fats, sugars, and lactose the minimum.

You must have noticed the negligible difference between them both when it comes to the ground facts about both and is now wondering what all the difference is all about because of the versatile preferences. Since both of them are from the same group of amino acids and contains the same chains of proteins, there isn’t any remarkable difference between both except for the fact that Whey protein isolate has a higher protein ratio, which can be countered by taking a slightly higher dose of whey protein concentrate. Yet, the whey protein isolate stands to be ideal if you are lactose intolerant(as it contains minimal to none) or are aiming for a shredded body and have a very controlled intake of fats and sugars.