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Why is Creatine a Must-Have?

Why is Creatine a Must-Have?

Creatine is stored in the muscles as energy cells. The energy required for building strength and stamina is stored in the muscles as Phosphocreatine. The muscle uses phosphate bonded with creatine to create the energy needed for strength training — the primary source of power for the muscles to gain strength and stamina. The muscles store more than 90% of the total Creatine found in the body while the rest is stored in other vital organs of the body. It is, therefore, considered as the best bodybuilding supplement providing the body with ample amounts of Creatine to be stored as Phosphocreatine in the muscles. The number of Creatine intake increases the amount of Phosphocreatine, the component that helps in the production of ATP, the high energy molecules in the body. The primary objective of weight training is to generate more ATP molecules to gain muscle strength and muscle mass. The levels of ATP is directly proportional to your energy levels and stamina.

Muscle gaining supplements, rich in Creatine, enables you to store more Phosphocreatine in the muscles for production of the high energy ATP molecules.

Creatine boosts your performance during the workouts and helps you to gain muscle strength, mass, and shape.

● It improves the stamina and enables to extend the duration of the exercises.

● The high levels of Creatine present in the muscles reduce the breakdown of the protein molecules in the tissues, helping in gaining muscle mass.

● Creatine supplements suppress the levels of growth inhibitors, promoting the overall growth of the muscles.

● Creatine also helps to keep the muscles hydrated by drawing water into them and increases the muscle cell volume, helping the muscle to gain shape.

● Regulates the secretion of growth hormones

● It improves the nerve signaling, which in turn facilitates the repair and growth of muscle tissues.

Thus, Creatine is a must-have, to make sure that the ample energy is stored in the muscles for that rigorous weight training session.