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Will whey protein make you fat?

Will whey protein make you fat?

While so many supplements are available in the market nowadays, it becomes difficult to decide whether a certain supplement will work for you or not. You may be overwhelmed by the variety of artificial supplements that claim to provide benefits without any side effects. However, natural supplements such as whey protein have been the subject of debate amongst people, mainly due to the fact that they are some of the oldest natural supplements available. Whey protein is found naturally in cow’s milk and human breast milk. It has many positive benefits for bodybuilders and gym goers as it plays a role in building muscle mass and burning fat.

When protein is completely natural which means it has little to no side effects. It forms the part of the building blocks for muscles and can promote hormone development as well. This can help increase your energy levels before a workout and will help you complete more intense workouts without feeling fatigued afterwards. There is ample research that supports the positive effects that whey protein has on muscle growth and improved performance during physical activity. However, some concerns have been raised recently that if whey protein helps increase muscle mass, then it might increase fat levels as well.

Does Whey protein make you fat?

In short- no. Whey protein, like any other protein supplement is designed for people who are looking to burn fat and increase muscle mass while following a workout plan. The supplements usually provide extra energy and assistance to the body, which helps it cope with these intense workouts. It also ensures that the body has enough protein to repair the muscles to prevent fatigue.

However, all proteins do contain certain amounts of calories. If you consume whey protein without following a workout plan, you are likely to put on weight, as with all supplements. They are designed to assist with physical activity, not to work as magic weight loss pill or means of gaining muscle while you sit on your couch. So unless you are exercising regularly, you should not take whey protein or any other supplement for that matter.

Benefits of whey protein

  • Improves lean muscle mass: Whey protein is great for bodybuilders and frequent gym goers as it help increase lean muscle mass and may help you gain maximum benefit from a workout. It also stimulates certain anabolic hormones which aide in this process. Taking whey protein before a workout will help you complete more intense workouts without feeling the negative side effects.
  • Lowers blood sugar levels: There is ample evidence pointing to the fact that whey protein plays a role in reducing blood sugar levels. This is mainly due to the beneficial amino acids that are present in this supplement.
  • Helps burn fat: Many studies have shown that whey protein can help in the fat burning process, although you would still need to engage in physical activity to activate this process. It also reduces cravings and contributes to a lower calorie intake.