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While building muscles or gaining shape by losing or earning some extra pounds: diet is the most crucial part of weight training. The body requires a large amount of Protein that synthesize quick, before and after workouts. Proteins ensure that the body produces the strength and stamina necessary for the weight training and has an ample amount of protein stored in the muscles for gaining mass and recovering without fatigue. In addition to gaining mass, protein metabolism also ensures the burning of a large number of calories. This might lead one to believe that protein is the sole dietary requirement of the body to build muscle strength and size. This is a false belief as apart from proteins, the body requires other ingredients like carbs, fats, minerals, and vitamins to be present in the daily diet. The body burns a considerable amount of calories throughout the day. This metabolism, if optimized with the right dietary ingredients, can be the most effective way to burn body fats and gain body shape. Ensure that the diet is complete with the right balance of all the nutrients, to enable your body to grow and develop muscle tissues or lose those extra pounds.

Nutrishop Alliance ENRAGED provides the body with a balanced dose of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that enables your body to gain strength and stamina for weight training. With the combination of the right ingredients, This mid digesting, complete supplement, can be useful in lipolysis. Help to increase blood flow, fight fatigue, gain muscle mass, and size. It also helps to fight muscle catabolism, improve body immunity, keeping illness at bay.

Vitamin C Calcium Ascorbate 50mg: The most essential of all vitamins, it helps in protein synthesis, growth of skin tissues, strengthens the arteries, and the immune system. It is water-soluble, and the excess amount leaves the body within 24 hours. Vitamin C Calcium strengthens the bone cartilage, heals wounds, and helps in rivaling the blood pressure.

Vitamin B3 as Niacinamide 50mg: Niacinamide or Niacin, as it is commonly known, helps in breaking Carbohydrates into Glucose, it is also helpful in altering the Cholesterol complex in the body, as it can increase the HDL Cholesterol level and decrease the LDL Cholesterol levels in the body. It increases the vascularity of the nerves and can be used for flushing growth hormones, with excessive usage.

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 170mg: The vitamin helps in the synthesis of Amino Acids and is responsible for the breakdown of Glycogen into energy. Thus, it boosts energy levels by conversion of Glycogen into energy. It also increases the immunity of the body against common illnesses.

Vitamin 85 f as (D-Calcium Pantothenate)

20mg: It increases muscle strength and helps in ensuring smooth blood flow. Vitamin 85 f is also beneficial in suppressing Coristol, the stress hormone which is responsible for the accumulation of belly fat.

Citrulline Malate 11,000 mg: The Amino Acid compound fights fatigue, enables long weight training sessions without any muscle soreness. It combines with Malate, a salt compound for stability in the body. Citrulline, when present in excess during the disposition of nitrogen waste, absorbs the Ammonia produced inside the muscles. Ammonia causes muscle soreness and increases muscle fatigue. Thus, Citrulline Malate ensures longer weight training sessions without fatigue and muscle soreness.

Beta-Alanine 3750 mg: It is a nonessential Amino Acid, it l

0obstructs the formation of hydrogen molecules, which increases the pH levels in the muscles. The increase in the pH levels hinders the muscle from gaining strength and increases fatigue. It is also an antioxidant and helps in the formation of Type II twitch muscle fibers.

L-Taurine 3000mg: The Amino Acid helps in reducing muscle combustion, regulates muscle contraction, and is beneficial for the heart. L-Taurine also helps in fat burning. 

Agmatine Sulfate 1700mg: It is an Amino Acid that resists the formation of Nitrogen oxide that causes fatigue, is helpful in the regulation of blood flow, and supplies nutrients to the muscles. The non-essential Amino acid enables long weight sessions, thus contributing to the growth of muscles.

Mucuna Pruriens: The chemical found in plants is also known as Velvet bean and Cowitch. It has a high content of L-Dopa, the amino acid that promotes the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), responsible for building lean muscles, burning body fat, gaining muscle mass, and strength. It also helps in improving mental alertness and coordination, lowers Cholesterol levels, and controls blood pressure. It also increases libido in men and women and increases the levels of testosterone.

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate: An amino acid produces in the body helps in gaining strength and burns body fats. It helps in controlling the production of Nitrogen Oxide in the liver during protein synthesis and helps to prevent inflammation and reduces fatigue. It also helps in kidney functions and intestinal and stomach disorders.

Choline Bitartrate: The combination of Choline with salt results in the formation of Choline Bitartrate. Choline is highly rated as a minor contributor to the healthy functioning of the body and the brain. It transmits nerve impulses across neurons, thus providing more focus, mental energy, and alertness. It also reduces inflammation and regulates breathing.

2-Aminoisoheptane: A stimulant derived from plants. It stimulates the neurotransmitter Norepinephrine, which helps in gaining focus and suppresses the dietary carvings. It increases the rate of heartbeats, breathing, and produces feelings of strength, high performance, intense concentration, and energy. 

Dopamine Hydrochloride: A Catecholamine drug that causes intense contractions of the heart muscles. It is produced in the brain by the synthesis of the amino acid Tyrosine. It is useful in increasing blood pressure and helps in the reduction of perfusion of body organs.

N-Acetyl Cysteine: 

This derivative of L-Cysteine an essential Amino Acid strengthens the immune system, increases the liver enzyme levels, which helps in getting rid of the excess chemicals available in the body during post cycle therapy. It is also an antioxidant and is beneficial for overall health.

L-Tyrosine: The Amino Acid produced in the body through the synthesis of Phenylalanine. It is essential in the production of Dopamine, Epinephrine, and Norepinephrine in the nervous system and lower part of the brain. It helps in effective weight loss as it can be synthesized only by Phenylalanine and produces Catecholamine during synthesis, the hormone that affects lipolysis and thermogenesis. It also increases levels of cognitive performance by decreasing stress and fatigue.

N Phenylacetyl Prolytycine theater: The nootropic molecule bunds with Glutamatergic AMPA receptor site and prevents the synthesis of Glutamate. The absence of Glutamate affects the functioning of the brain. Noopept, as it is commonly known, improves information processing, increases focus, clarity, and learning capacity.

Black Pepper Fruit Extract: The extract of Black Pepper has Piperine as an active ingredient. Piperine prevents the formation of fat cells in the body and reduces the fat levels in the bloodstream, by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down Curumin. It also helps to retain some of the drug components provided by the dietary supplements inside the body. These components are generally flushed out of the body. Thus it enables the drug components of the supplements to be effective.

Energy Blend: Energy Blend is a unique superfood supplement designed to help increase energy and provide nutrition. Herbs with medicinal properties, ginseng, guarana, coenzyme Q10, minerals, and nutrients blended perfectly in the right proportions to produce high energy levels. It supports overall nutrition, provides energy without a crash.

Caffeine: The Methylxanthjne class of central nervous system stimulant is the most widely used psychoactive drug. It blocks the effects of the neurotransmitter Adenosine, which regulates the blood adrenaline levels. Caffeine increases brain activity by stimulating the neurotransmitters in the brain. It increases the focus, arousal, and alertness.

L-Phenylalanine: The Amino Acid is a stimulant of the central nervous system. It is responsible for improving mood, attention, and athleticism. The essential amino acid also stimulates catecholamine, which controls lipolysis or breaks down fat molecules, thus helping in fat burning.

DiCaffeine Malate: The composition in the ratio of 4:1, i.e., one part of Malic Acid in four parts of Caffeine. This ionic bound combination helps in metabolism without fatigue. It also boosts thermogenesis, improving weight loss. It also improves focus.

Synephrine Hydrochloride: The Alkaloid available in bitter orange prevents fat mobilization by arresting the activity of fat cell receptors. Thus, burning more calories during metabolism. It affects the basal metabolic rate, which is responsible for more than half of the total calories burned during the entire day. Synephrine combines with HCl to gain more stability inside the body.

Naringin: A Citrus Glycoside found in grapefruit, that attributes to the bitterness in grapes. It helps in fat loss as it inhibits the breakdown of specific components inducing the breakdown of fat molecules. These components, in the absence of Naringin, are washed out of the body. It also helps in high blood plasma concentration and helps to break the sugar molecules present in the blood. It also prolongs the effects of Caffeine in the body. 

Higenamine Hydrochloride: The Amino Acid present in the body acts as a stimulant by increasing the energy, heart rate, and blood pressure. It also stimulates the muscles by activating beta-adrenergic receptors responsible for the smooth relaxation and contractions of the heart muscles. It strengthens the immune system and also reduces the production of Nitric Oxide, thus reducing inflammation and increasing the breakdown of fat molecules. 

Other Ingredients: Natural Flavors, Artificial Flavors, Artificial Color, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium

Q: Is it a pre-workout or a post-workout supplement?

A: It is a post-workout dietary supplement.

Q: How to use it? 

A: A single scoop can be used with 8-10 oz of water, half an hour before or after training sessions.

Q: Can it be used with other supplements? 

A: Enraged is a balanced combination of potent stimulants and amino, thus stacking it with other supplements is not recommended. 

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